Welcome to Altazor Transfer Club: A light of knowledge.


Our mission

Our mission is to create a multicultural, multidisciplinary peer support group, open to all students from Merritt College that will help to successfully transfer the students to any four-year college or university of their choice.

Altazor Community

Students will be informed of the exceptional resources offered in the Peralta Community College District. Students will be exposed to the different opportunities that Merritt and the other Peralta campuses offer. This will be achieved by building a close community of peers in which students share resources and support under faculty guidance.

Altazor Purpose

The main purpose of Altazor is to help students navigate the intricate paths of transferring and assist them with this difficult process. Through resources and tools, Altazor empowers students to achieve success and become an example for the larger student body at Merritt College.

Altazor: A Light of Knowledge

Altazor is the name of a world famous poem written by Vicente Huidobro, poet, political figure, and non-conformist artist from Chile. The word Altazor is a neologism-an invented word to “illuminate the path of knowledge.”

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