Claudio Duran / Founder

Claudio has a BA in history from UC Berkeley and did his graduate studies at Stanford University. Besides his interest in teaching he is a writer a musician who has also scored, directed and produced films. Contact: [email protected]


Isela Santana

Isela is an English professor Puente Coordinator at Merritt. She completed her undergraduate work in English at UC Berkeley and her graduate work in Language and Literacy at Harvard University. Besides teaching, she loves to read, write and run. Contact: [email protected]


Tanya Ilarde

Tanya is a Counselor and Transfer Center Director at Merritt. She has worked at UCLA Undergraduate Admissions, The Princeton Review, Moorpark College, Santa Monica College and a consultant for UC Berkeley. She has a BA from UC Berkeley, and a MA in Psychology from UCLA. Contact: [email protected]