Eduardo Chaidez

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Class of 2013 Merritt College
Former Club President and founding member now attending UC Berkeley studying Practice of Art and History of Art.
As a first generation Mexican-American, born from an undocumented single mother of four; living in an impoverished community, I grew up believing things are the way they are for us because of who we are.
Everything I took in from radio, television and film perpetuated this internal dialogue.
Not only did it reinforce this belief, it created it.
For me, artists have a responsibility to reflect the present and produce alternatives to the dominant discourse.
Art created should be a platform: for illumination, aesthetics, ideas, or critiques within a given historical context.
This is my path, I aim to combine historical narratives, aesthetic value, and personal struggles and experiences to highlight a dual identity.
Furthermore, my goal is to help counterweight the barrage of commercialism that has created a commodified aesthetic and and is reflected by the anesthetized culture.
My art represents my struggle and the various fragments of who I am.
In a country of immigrants many of us are outsiders no matter where we are. 
Ni de aqui ni de aya. 
I eventually wanna obtain advanced degrees in Art and Visual Studies and teach art and its in importance in society to  communities like Oakland where I came from- to be able to continue the work we started in Altazor.


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