Transferring to CAL? Checkout Experience Berkeley

The process of transferring can confusing, tedious, or even downright frustrating. Over-complicated forms, covered in what might as well be hieroglyphs, and rushed counseling appointments that are hardly more than a whirlwind of color coded forms, abbreviations, and references to DIY websites. Too much of the community college process is in the hands of un-aided students. But enough of the whirly burly you are familiar with, there are programs that employ transfer experts who slice through the confusion with ease, and they’re here for you!

Experience Berkeley is a program that focusses its efforts on students who identify as Black, Latino, or Native American, but will hear the case of any student that could use the extra help. Experience Berkeley offers workshops, one-on-one attention, and opportunities to be given advise by the very people who review applications! Being accepted to Experience Berkeley is like being friends with a professor who gives you the answers to a test, all you have to do is follow the program and your chances to go to CAL are greatly improved!!!

Club Altazor is a wonderful and exciting place that introduces students all sorts of resources that can help insure your academic success. Last monday Altazor introduced me to Brittany Anderson who directs Experience Berkeley, and now I am one step closer to a competitive application to CAL. Every club meeting is an exciting opportunity to realize your educational goals, check out the link below for more information on Experience Berkeley

Hope to see you at the next Altazor meeting!


-Tyler Smolens 

Altazor Site Editor

Link to Experience Berkeley’s website: